Educart (Middle East), or the Center for Educational Consultation and Research, is a Lebanese based teacher training, curriculum development center, publishing house and center for educational consultation and research. Educart was founded in 1987 and has been in the educational and publishing domain in Lebanon and the Arab world since then.

It takes pride in being a local research center that innovates and executes its educational and academic publications in-house. Educart caters to the needs and abilities of its clients worldwide taking into consideration the culture, norms and standards of every client.

Educart focuses on quality client service  – its 200 clients based locally and abroad in the Arab world since its foundation in 1987 are testimony to this.

Whereas price can be the leading competitive factor in this day and age, Educart also competes by providing a quality service relying on the most up-to-date technology and qualified experts in each domain.

What We Do


The publishing division is specialized in publishing academic books from the Kindergarten levels up until the higher education levels. There are a variety of course books that cater to young as well as adult learners. Our course books are all especially catered and designed for learners of English as a foreign language. They seek to provide a fresh learning approach to learning English as a foreign language. The material is based on learning through meaningful motivating activities, communicative life-like situations, critical thinking, active reading and purposeful writing.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum support, development and teacher training especially in techniques that focus on teaching English as a foreign language keeping in mind the importance of English in the business and scientific worlds. In addition to teacher training and orientation, we offer research and studies on exams, exam taking and how they could be utilized in school management systems. Curriculum is developed based on a needs assessment and takes into consideration every culture’s existing norms and trends.

Educational Consultation

This service includes curriculum support, surveys, quality assurance, and teacher training. This division includes  tasks such as designing in-service and orientation programs for the teacher development growth cycle; organizing and giving workshops and seminars on EFL area; following-up the implementation of the seminars with the level coordinators/advisors at your institution; proposing short-term and a long-term improvement plans; following-up on the implementation of the improvement plans with the level coordinators/advisors at the schools; designing supplementary material; designing a Teacher Handbook, a Student Handbook and a Curriculum Handbook; and promoting the improvement plan with the parents and the community through correspondence and seminars.