Our Services

Educart is experienced in a handful of educational services that are a backbone in the development of your academic institution.

Our services range from curriculum development, to educational consultation and, of course, custom publishing.

Curriculum Development
Curriculum support, development and teacher training especially in techniques that focus on teaching English as a foreign language keeping in mind the importance of English in the business and scientific worlds. In addition to teacher training and orientation, we offer research and studies on exams, exam taking and how they could be utilized in school management systems. Curriculum is developed based on a needs assessment and takes into consideration every culture’s existing norms and trends.
Educational Consultation
This service includes curriculum support, surveys, quality assurance, and teacher training. This division includes tasks such as designing in-service and orientation programs for the teacher development growth cycle; organizing and giving workshops and seminars on EFL area; following-up the implementation of the seminars with the level coordinators/advisors at your institution; proposing short-term and a long-term improvement plans; following-up on the implementation of the improvement plans with the level coordinators/advisors at the schools; designing supplementary material; designing a Teacher Handbook, a Student Handbook and a Curriculum Handbook; and promoting the improvement plan with the parents and the community through correspondence and seminars.
Custom Publishing
We believe that custom publishing is the future of educational publishing. Nobody knows your students more than you, and we are ready to help you put together a course book or reader catered to your students’ levels, capabilities and context.